ATTENTION: The DjVuReader program is outdated and inadequate.
It is strongly recommended NOT to use it.
Instead you should use the WinDjView program (download below):

How to open a DjVu file?    ( How to read a DjVu file? )

The choice for "dummies":          Download the WinDjView 1.0 noyb installer (885 KB)

On this page you can see an archive copy (slightly corrected) of a dead project "OpenDjVu". The project is no longer supported by its author, and the author does not respond to e-mails.

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«OpenDjVu» Project



DjVuReader is intended for viewing djvu files in Windows95/98/XP.



version of 17 September 2004
size 1.29 Mb



version of 22 January 2005
size 1.34 Mb



[ ! ] Important

[ + ] New

[ - ] Fixed error

[ * ] Changes

[*] thumbnails rendering speed is improved

[+] floating service panel

[*] changed the mechanism of copying an image and a text

[+] MRU added

[+] the full-screen feature is implemented at F12 (bugs are present)

[!] by numerous user requests I started the code refactoring - to open the sourcecodes.

[+] saving of size and window place.

[+] saving of content panel width.

[*] floating panels for toolbar.

[+] informational panel.

[+] added option "Show page numbers in content".

[+] added option "Draw border around page".

[-] didn't have switching to page in content that was defined by line.




The program DjVuStudio is intended for editing the DjVu files. It will mainly represent a front-end for the utilities from the DjVuLibre package.



Компиляция утилит из djvulibre

I lay out a project file for cjb2 from the DjVuLibre project - so that you can compile it yourself in VC7. The utility is compiled with the tiff support, so to compile it you must download a library from (Windows Binaries:

version 8 February 2005.
size 504 Kb


The utilities form the djvulibre package


 The utilities from the package djvulibre-3.5.13: bzz.exe, c44.exe, cjb2.exe, cpaldjvu.exe, csepdjvu.exe, ddjvu.exe, djvm.exe, djvmcvt.exe, djvudump.exe, djvuextract.exe, djvumake.exe, djvups.exe, djvused8.exe, djvutoxml.exe, djvutxt.exe, djvuxmlparser.exe + man-pages from

A corrected version djvused8.exe (download [252 kb]). Now everything which has the code >127 в ascii is output "as is" - but not in octal numbers.
The package contains the corrected version, so if you downloaded the package earlier than 11 July 2004 - you can take only djvused8.
P.S.: Some testing is required. If you find some bugs - e-mail me.

version djvulibre-3.5.13
size 1,2 Mb


The tree-content specification


The tree-content which DjVuReader program can insert into DjVu-files has its own special format - unlike the standart DjVu-bookmarks that can be seen in numerous DjVu-viewers - browser DjVu-plugin, WinDjView, Fancy DjVu Viewer, Java DjVu. That's why you can not see the DjVuReader's tree-content in any of these viewers - but only in DjVuReader itself.

Here is the specification for the DjVuReader tree-content:

For those willing here is a TOC-format as for the djvused utility:  
select; remove-ant;  
# -------------------------------------  
select 1  
(title1 "Name \"of the book\" for TabSheet")  
"Cover #Cover  
Chapter1 #a  
111 #b  
222 #c  
Chapter2 #d  
333 #1  
444 #2  
555 #3")  
The one at the end of the tags - is kinf of a version
The strings obey the C++ language rules e.g. \n - newline \" - quotes etc.  
The content: the inserted sections are separated with a blank space. At the moment the TOC is loaded with TreeView->LoadFromStream(...). I am considering to switch it to XML.
The pages in TOC are bound to the indices. If no idices are available or the number is less the the number of the pages - they are padded with a number sequence from 1 to PageCount.
If the index is not found - nothing happens.
All this will be in the documentation in more detail.

There is one more example of the tree-content code.



A book in Russian with the content and the index M.Fauler "UML.The bases"

size 962 Kb



Send all remarks, questions and bugs to e-mail: and

Copyright (c) Dmitriy Gar'kaev aka Dickobraz, 2004.


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