2-UP Viewing for Books in DjVu

A user tip by PlanetDjVu, December 20, 2002

One of the very nice features of Adobe Acrobat is the ability to display a digital book with both left and right pages (recto-verso) displayed. In Acrobat Reader, this is called "Continuous-Facing Pages" and it is a document preference as well as a user setting.

DjVu Web Browser plugin lacks such a feature, but one user has demonstrated that it can be accomplished by scanning both left and right pages into one image file, which then becomes a "2-UP" DjVu page.

Note that the front and back covers are scanned as single pages, while all the interior pages are scanned and then presented, 2-up, as illustrated below:.

This DjVu document was prepared by the user with the DjVu Solo - Non Commercial application.  Unfortunately, this is no longer available from LizardTech.

In the absence of DjVu Solo - Non Commercial, you can still manage to create a DjVu document like this sample by using the Any2DjVu conversion software.  To do so, you need to apply a "trick".  The Any2DjVu conversion server will only accept a single file for conversion, so if you have a set of JPEG files, this means you can create only a one-page DjVu file.  The trick is to convert the set of JPEG files to either a multipage TIFF file, or a multipage PDF file.  When you upload your multipage file, then all the pages will be in your resulting DjVu document.

If this is too cumbersome for you, then you can contact LizardTech concerning the availablity of commercial software for making DjVu files.

As a second example of 2-UP viewing for books in DjVu, we took The Wonderful Wizard of Oz book, and re-formatted it for 2-UP (facing pages) viewing. You can not only view this book with facing pages, you can also print it nicely on letter-size paper in landscape orientation.

Adobe Photoshop Image

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