All Quiet on the (North)Western Front
 a report by PlanetDjVu, June 10, 2003

We are, of course, referring to LizardTech in Seattle, WA in the title of this report.

We are as curious as you most likely are about what is happening now with DjVu at LizardTech.

Our first concern is that our application for a commercial license to the DjVuLibre library is being completely ignored - we have not even had the courtesy of an acknowledgement from LizardTech that we have made this request, unlike the other 3 intellectual property owners of DjVuLibre.

Our next concern is that the DjVu browser plugin has not been updated since March. There are a number of problems to be fixed, as documented in the DjVu Plugin forum of this website.

Our ongoing concern is about the page-pricing model for DjVu products from LizardTech, which we do not think the market is accepting - and this concern is renewed by the recent release of Acrobat 6, which now offers unlimited JBIG2 and JPEG2000 compression of PDF with batch processing, all in the base product.

The new price for unlimited compression in PDF, from Adobe: $400
The continuing price for unlimited compression in DjVu, from LizardTech: over $15,000

DjVu users who have tried to contact LizardTech report that their phone messages go unanswered.

Of course, our greatest concern here is that LizardTech has been unwilling to discuss the licensing of our commercial DjVu applications for public release for over 9 months now.

We were hopeful when LizardTech got a new CEO, Scott Land, but we haven't heard a word from him, publicly or otherwise, and the management page of the LizardTech website has been removed altogether.

We, and the folks at DjVuLibre are doing all we can to keep DjVu afloat, but if LizardTech continues to be a dead weight, the ship will surely sink!  Truth be told, it is sinking already, judging by the rapidly diminishing hits on this website.

If you are reading this, you are likely one of the few who is still tracking the evolution (or de-evolution) of DjVu.

If you are passionate and concerned about DjVu as we are, we invite you to write to Scott Land, the interim CEO of LizardTech, at Then if you care to, report your findings in the Forum of PlanetDjVu, which is the only forum on the web (outside of DjVuLibre) for the DjVu user community.

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