CampusView now 2nd site to auto-install DjVu Plug-in
 a report by PlanetDjVu, May 17, 2003

CampusView ( is now the second DjVu portal site to offer automatic DjVu browser plugin detection and installation.

The first site to offer this feature is the Wentworth Courier newspaper site created by Realview Technologies in Australia (

This feature, created with some clever server-side scripting, detects whether the user has the DjVu browser plugin installed when they enter the website or when they attempt to open a DjVu file. If the plugin is not present or it is an outdated version, the current version of he plugin will be automatically installed.

The full DjVu plugin is not actually installed in Windows, just the ActiveX control part of it (we think).

Sorry we cannot tell you how it is done. At DjVuZone, prior to the purchase of the DjVu codebase by LizardTech, docoumentation was provided for how do to this with DjVu Version 2.x, including sample scripts.

Today, no one has published any instructions or scripts for doing this. Also, there is no documentation on how to install just the ActiveX control of the plugin.  We here at PlanetDjVu have not figured out how to do it ourselves.

Nevertheless, we deem it newsworthy to report that it CAN be done, and that two sites are doing it. We receive frequent inquiries about this capability from new DjVu format publishers who are concerned that users will turn away rather than go off to another website to install a plugin. Many users do not even know what a plugin is.

Of course, this is less of a concern to users of an Intranet, where the plugin can be pre-installed by system administrators, than it is for publically-accessable websites such as CampusView and Wentworth Courier.

We applaud the achivement of the two websites that have have done automatic plugin detection and installation. We are sad that the documentation at is obsolete. We are sad that LizardTech does not support this, but instead wants users to arrive at the LizardTech download page for LizardTech downloadable products.  We think that by automating the plugin installation, more users will get it, see DjVu files, and the user base for DjVu will accordingly grow.

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