Carlos Domingo is new LizardTech CEO
a news report by PlanetDjVu, July 20, 2003

According to the press release issued on June 20, 2003 by Celartem and LizardTech, announcing the acquisition of LizardTech by Celartem, "Carlos Domingo, Celartem Global Office chief operating officer, directs acquisition strategy and will lead post-acquisition efforts. Interim LizardTech CEO Scot Land will remain in place until a new CEO is appointed by Celartem."

Now, reporting from the ESRI International Users Conference on July 10, 2003, GISMonitor reports that "I met with Karen Morley, LizardTech's VP of Geospatial, and the new CEO, Carlos Domingo. Domingo is from Celartem, the company that recently acquired LizardTech. Domingo is new to geospatial imaging and comes from the graphic arts and document archiving side of the business."

Carlos Domingo is replacing former interim-CEO Scott Land, who exits along with the venture capitalists who were the former owners of LizardTech.

We are making this announcement in advance of the official announcement by LizardTech and Celartem. Sources indicate it will take another week or so for the transfer of ownership to be completed.

We will post further news about this "changing of the guard" for DjVu as we learn of it. We are excited by this change, as it promises to bring many benefits to the DjVu user community!

Welcome aboard, Carlos and Celartem!

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