DjVu and LuraDocument Product Pricing Comparision

An comparison by PlanetDjVu, March 19, 2003

LuraDocument is a format that is very similar to DjVu, and there are similarities in the products from AlgoVision-LuraTech, owner of the LuraDocument format, and LizardTech, owner of the DjVu format.

Product Pricing Web Pages

LuraDocument                     DjVu

LuraDocument Capture LIte
DjVu Solo Non-Commerical Ed.
Was free, now Abandoned - or replaced by Document Express Desktop at $249
LuraDocument Capture
$85.35 for unlimited pages
Document Express Professional Edition
$999 for 10,000 pages
OCX-SDK only available in Japanese from Image Reality
MS-Office Plugin
MS-Office Plugin
Was free, now Abandoned
Photoshop Plugin
not developed
DjVu Encode SDK
$25,000 - plus more for pages
Command Line Tool
$1,800.00 unlimited pages
Document Express Enterprise Edition
$6,000 for 100,000 pages

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