DjVu and PDF Developer Libraries
A report by PlanetDjVu, January 29, 2003

PDF Developer Libraries:
If you are developing an application for PDF, there are 10 developer libraries available for licensing, in addition to the Adobe Acrobat Developer Library. For a list of these libraries, see:
Each library has different strengths and weaknesses (and pricing). It is a shoppers paradise.

DjVu Developer Libraries:
If you are developing an application for DjVu, there are two separate developer libraries.

The first is the DjVu Reference Library owned by LizardTech, Inc. The last published version of this library was Version 3.5, Prerelease 2, dated 10-4-2001. This is the last version contributed by LizardTech to Open Source, and it lacks the color image segmenter and shared token dictionaries, features which were excluded for the Open Source release.  The full DjVu Reference Library owned by LizardTech is not released as a product.

The second is the DjVuLibre reference library, which is currently at Version 3.5.9.  See:  The developers of DjVuLibre made many fixes, additions and improvements to the Version 3.5 Prerelease 2 contributed by LizardTech. This second library is free for non-commercial use under the GNU open source agreement.  Most developer libraries under the GNU can be licensed for commercial use, but not the DjVuLibre library. There are multiple owners of this library, one of which is LizardTech, and LizardTech is unwilling to issue commercial licenses.

There are two developers (JRA and RealView) who developed commercial applications with the DjVu Reference Library which is in open source (versions earlier than 3.5), but these applications were not released due to lack of licensing.

This accounts in part for why there are no third-party DjVu products on the market today (except for DjVuer from Feith, which was licensed by AT&T prior to the sale of DjVu to LizardTech). This also partly accounts for why we have no DjVu products to offer you here at PlanetDjVu.

If you want to license a developer library for DjVu, you are flat out of luck. If you want to license a developer library for PDF, take your pick!

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