DjVu Summit Conference on DVD is released
a release announcement by PlanetDjVu, February 8, 2004

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We are pleased to announce the release of a 3-DVD set, containing 4.5 hours of video, featuring the first annual DjVu Summit Conference, held on December 3, 2003 at Rutgers University. More than 60 attendees at this conference watched presentations from the most advanced DjVu users on the planet, including two presentations given remotely from Scotland and Australia.

If your digital publishing strategy includes the use of the DjVu format, you will find this video to be an invaluable resource for your development activity. Even if you are not a developer, just an active end-user of the DjVu technology, you will find the video of this conference to be highly informative and useful.

Featured in the video are the following nine separate presentations by organizations who offer or use DjVu in their digital publishing solutions.

1. Introduction, by Carlos Domingo.

Carlos is the new CEO of LizardTech (a Celartem Company). He introduces the new LizardTech and reviews the new Document Express line of products for DjVu.

2. DjVuLibre and Any2DjVu, by Leon Bottou, Yann LeCun, Bill Riemers and Jeffery Triggs.

The evolution and architecture of the DjVu format are described in detail, and the DjVuLibre ("free DjVu") code base is reviewed. The Any2DjVu on-line conversion server is explained and demonstrated.

3. PlanetDjVu and JRA Software, by Jim Rile

Jim explained the purpose of PlanetDjVu, as a global portal and home to DjVu users, and then demonstrated the JRAPublish product, an advanced GUI application that can encode both DjVu and PDF documents using the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine for high-quality searchability.

4. Samsung Project, by Heungsik Choi

Heungsik travelled to the conference from Korea to present an inside view of how Samsung is using DjVu to present all appliance and product manuals on-line in DjVu format.

5. Million Book Project at, by Michael Lesk

Michael explained the mission and activities of the Internet Archive Million Book Project, where the primary digital format for web delivery of these books is DjVu.

6. Arkiver Document Library, by John Currie (presented remotely from Scotland)

John remotely guided the audience inside the Arkiver Document Library, a subscription-based portal containing many thousands of product catalogs and other documents in searchable DjVu format.

7. The University of Georgia Libraries in DjVu Format, by Bob Kobres

Bob gave us an inside look at the conversion shop inside the main library of the University of Georgia, where flatbed scanners have been turned upside-down to become planetary scanners, and where the largest repository of books have been converted to full-color DjVu files for the web.

8. PDF-to-DjVu Publishing at Realview Technologies, by Richard Lindlay (presented remotely from Australia)

Richard remotely took us into the web-based workflow system developed by Realview Technologies, which turns prepress PDF publications, such as newspapers, into small, compact DjVu files that are delivered within the innovative Realview web server interface.

9. Indexing the File Cabinet at TSAadvet Limited, by Paul Middleton

Paul travelled to the conference from the U.K. to detail how this service bureau has scanned almost one million pages of railroad documents in color, and converted them to tiny DjVu files.

The DjVu Summit Conference on DVD is a 3-DVD set with 4.5 hours of video.

The price of the 3-DVD set is $120.00.  The modest profit is earmarked to support the continued operation of the PlanetDjVu forum for the global DjVu user community.  Our expenses are going up as we step up to a commercial, ad-free messaging board.

The DjVu Summit Conference on DVD is a publication of PlanetDjVu - JRA Software.
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