DjVu Web Browser Plugin for Mozilla, Opera and NeoPlanet
for the Windows Platform

A report by PlanetDjVu, February 18, 2003

In July 2002, we reported that the DjVu Web Browser Plugin for Windows worked for the Opera and Mozilla for Windows web browsers.  Browser and Plugin updates have occured since then.

Now we have done some new plugin compatiblity tests which we report here.

95% of Windows users use either Internet Explorer or Netscape as their web browser of choice today. The DjVu Web Browser Plugin officially supports only these two Windows web browsers.

Contending for follow-up positions are Mozilla, Opera and NeoPlanet, with Mozilla apparently on the rise in popularity, as it is already very popular with Linux users. We review the capabilities of all three for the viewing of DjVu files here.

Great News! We have tested the latest Mozilla 1.2.1, and we find no problems whatsoever when opening, viewing and navigating DjVu files with the plugin.

Bad News. When opening a DjVu file, we get DjVu Plugin errors NP_Create and NP_Distroy, and then Opera usually crashes with a program error.

Pretty Cool! This is the first time we tried NeoPlanet. It sits on top of IE, so it "inherits" the DjVu plugin in the plug-ins folder of IE. DjVu files open and display just like in Internet Explorer.

How to Install the Plugin to Mozilla
From the plug-ins folder of either IE or Netscape, copy the following files/folders to the plug-ins folder of Mozilla:

djvu    (folder)

Restart Mozilla, and you are set to go!


Mozilla and Opera both recognized the Acrobat plugin and other major plugins from IE and/or Netscape and included them in the browser installation. Neither recognized the DjVu plugin. Perhaps DjVu Plugin recognition could be added to Mozilla. Perhaps LizardTech can now add Mozilla detection and installation in the next update. We think that the readme.txt file should get out of the plugins folder. Put it in the "djvu" help subfolder, perhaps.

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