DjVuer v1.12 Trial Download Still Available

A report by PlanetDjVu, January 19, 2003

Interested in trying out DjVu file encoding?  Look no further than Type in the search word "DjVu", and you will be guided to the download link for DjVuer v1.12.
With DjVuer, you can make 100 DjVu pages for free.  After that, you can purchase additional pages from Feith, the producer of this software application. The prices for additional DjVu pages are as follows:

1,000 color (or 2,000 b&w) pages for $39.95
6,000 color (or 12,000 b&w) pages for $195.00
12,000 color (or 24,000 b&w) pages for $395.00
37,500 color (or 75,000 b&w) pages for $795.00

While DjVuer makes it simple to scan directly to DjVu, or to convert existing image files to DjVu, the DjVu format produced is the now-obsolete v2.0 format.  This version does not support the multipage formats introduced with DjVu v3.0, and it does not support a searchable text layer.  However, if your documents are single page, and you don't need searchability, this might work out fine for you.  Try it, and you might like it.

DjVu 2.0 format files have the benefit of working with ACDSEE and IrfanView viewers, whereas the current DjVu 3.5 format does not, and they can also still be displayed with the DjVu Web Browser Plugin.

If you are looking to try out DjVu encoding using the current DjVu format version 3.5, we are afraid you are (almost) out of luck.  LizardTech, the owner of the DjVu format, no longer offers the free non-commercial DjVu Solo 3.1, and does not offer any trial DjVu software. LizardTech announces a product called Document Express Desktop Edition, which we understand is the successor to DjVu Solo. Prices for LizardTech DjVu products are not published. Our invitation to review Document Express Desktop Edition at PlanetDjVu was declined, and we have never seen or heard any reports from users about this software.

The original authors of the DjVu format have independently created the Any2DjVu web server for on-line encoding of DjVu 3.5 files. This is a great way to try out DjVu encoding.  You cannot interface directly to a scanner, and you are limited to processing one file at a time, but you will get a DjVu 3.5 format file that you can then save to your local disk.

It is completely natural to want to try out your hand at DjVu encoding as you explore this technology.  Unfortunately, the owner of the DjVu format, LizardTech, has made DjVu encoding on a trial basis using their DjVu products unavailable. Fortunately, Feith Systems and the original DjVu format authors Yann, Leon and Jeffery still have product offerings to get you started with DjVu file encoding!

The direct link to the DjVuer product from Feith is:

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