DjVuGUI 1.0

DjVuGUI 1.0 (under development)
DjVuGUI 1.0 generates batch (.BAT) files for the DjVu Command Line Encoder 3.1.

Following is a prototype screenshot of the forthcoming DjVuGUI 1.0 Product.
Batch Job Creation and Scheduling

You can set up a DjVu encoding (conversion) job and save it for execution at a later time, to be executed on either a manual basis or on a scheduled basis. In a batch job, you specify the input folder, whether subfolders of the input folder are to be processed, and you specify the output folders for the both the image files and the encoded DjVu files. Other settings allow you to specify if the DjVu format is Bundled or Indirect, whether to make single page or multipage DjVu output, and whether Thumbnails will be generated.

Scanner Job Setup

Encoder Profile Management

In addition to using the standard encoder profiles supplied by LizardTech for each type of image file, you can create your own profiles for use with individual publications that will increase the accuracy of segmentation during the encoding process.  This is an advanced feature and is particulary suited to color page images with weak contrast between text and graphics.

Electronic Jobs


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