Enabling Session Cookies in Netscape 7+

If Temporary Cookies are disabled in your copy of Netscape 7+, the following methods are available to enable them for SearchPDF.

Select the menu item: Edit, Preferences.

The Preferences dialog box will be displayed. Expand the Privacy & Security section and then highlight "Cookies". The Cookies options will then be displayed, as illustrated:

In the above screenshot, the "Disable Cookies" button is checked, and as a result a Session Cookie cannot be created for SearchPDF.

To correct this, you can simply check "Enable cookies for the orignating web site only". This will enable both First-Party and Third-Party plugins to function at www.searchpdf.com web site (all the SearchPDF demos).

You can also check "Enable All Cookies" to activate Session Cookies for SearchPDF as well as for all other web sites.

If you wish, it is fine to limit the maximum lifetime of cookes to the current session..

This is fine because SearchPDF only uses a temporary Session Cookie, not a persistent one.

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