Enabling Session Cookies in Opera

If Temporary Cookies are disabled in your copy of Opera, there are several methods available to enable them for SearchPDF.

Execute the menu item: File, Preferences. You will then see the follow Preferences dialog box. Click on the Privacy section to view Privacy and Cookie settings.

If the Enable Cookies checkbox is not checked, check it to enable Cookies.

If your first option under "Enable Cookies" is set to "Do not accept cookies", you will need to change this to either "Accept only cookies from selected servers" or to "Automatically accept all cookies".

 In the second set of options, you must select "Accept from all servers".

Note that it will not work if you select "Only accept cookies for the server", because this option automatically disables Third-party Cookies, which are used in the SearchPDF demos.

If you selected "Accept only cookies from selected servers", then you must enter in the server name for the SearchPDF demos. Click the button "Enter server filters...", and you will see the following dialog box:

Open the drop-down choice box, and select "Accept third party from server".

Finally, add the server name: www.searchpdf.com

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