Ling Lung Extension Case Study from one at Columbia U.

Ling Lung Women's Magazine
Shanghai, 1931 to 1937

Colombia University Libraries Site Links (the initial study)

Extension Case Study Methodolgy

The 300 dpi color TIFF files and the 600 dpi bitonal TIFF files are converted to DjVu and are presented here as multipage files using the DjVu Indirect format.

The color TIFF are presented in both Original and Enhanced versions.  The Original versions use the TIFF images as produced by the scanner, without modification.  The Enhanced versions use the TIFF images after histogram enhancement has been performed, to brighten and optimize the distribution of shades in the images.

The DjVu are presented in both Photo mode (no segmentation, only a Background layer), and in Segmented mode (Foreground and Background layers).

Adobe Photoshop Image

Enhanced Photo Detail

Adobe Photoshop Image

Original (unenhanced) Photo Detail

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