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JRA Page-Packs
JRA Page-Packs are purchased for use in the JRAPublish application. They are used to produce Premium Pages in JRAPublish.

There are currently two Premium-formats in JRAPublish:


JRA Page-Packs for each of these two Premium formats are sold separately.

JRA Page-Packs that are purchased at the same time that the JRAPublish application is purchased will be included in the JRAPublish product that ships to you.  The purchased page count will be included on the USB-Port JRA iKey which plugs into the PC that you will be using to create Premium pages.

The JRA iKey authorizes your software and holds your page counts

JRA Page-Packs that are purchased after the JRAPublish application is purchased are delivered by e-mail using the following procedure:

Open the Help, About screen in JRAPublish. You can view the currently available page count on this screen. To start the page reordering process, click the Buy button.

To purchase JRA Page-Packs, select the type and number of pages that you wish to purchase.  Then click the Generate Purchase Request button.

Copy the Purchase Request String that is displayed, paste it into an e-mail message and send it  to JRA software. You will then receive an Activation String in a reply e-mail message..

Enter your Activation String into JRAPublish after clicking the Activate button on the Help, About screen. Now click Activate on this entry screen and you are finished! Your purchased Premium pages are now stored in the JRA iKey.

Your purchased page count is safe and sound on the iKey, immune from loss due to circumstances such as:

Crashing of the hard drive
Corruption of the Operating System
Upgrade of hard drive or Operating System
Upgrade of Computer
Transfer of file batch processing duties to another Computer

When not processing, you can savely lock your JRA iKey investment away, or even carry it with you on your keychain!

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