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JRAPublish 1.5
JRAPublish 1.5 Contains:

A DjVu metadata batch processor
A DjVu encoding engine for batch DjVu encoding
A Dual PDF output generator
A Conversion Wizard application called JRAConvert

Introduction to JRAPublish
JRAPublish is a batch processing application that encodes raster image files and PDF files to the DjVu format, and which also adds comprehensive metadata attributes to DjVu files in preparation for presentation on the web. If required for optimal results, DjVu files can also be re-encoded.
The DjVu File Types that can be encoded (created) include Bitonal (JB2 compression), Photo (IW44 compression), and Segmented (both). DjVu files can be saved in BUNDLED and INDIRECT and SINGLE formats.
Metadata attributes that can be applied in this application include:
1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of existing DjVu documents in 176 languages, with advanced OCR controls. This creates TXTz chunks in DjVu page files with the recognized text and zone structure for Plug-in search, highlighting, text copy/paste functions. This also provides support for external full-text search-indexing.
2. Recognition of Universal Resource Locators (URLs) and E-mail addresses in the recognized text and the insertion of hyperlinks into the DjVu document.
3. Modification of document attributes, such as background, startup zoom, startup mode and page alignment.
4. The addition or replacement of the image background with a uniform background of any given color (sepia-toning), and the modification of the foreground color.
5. The embedding and extraction of metadata into and from existing DjVu documents, both at the document and page levels.
6. The generation and removal of integrated thumbnails.
7. Adding CGI-style Arguments for runtime control. This provides document-level control for Thumbnail display, Logo and Frame display, Page Cache and Opening Page.
8. A Bookmark Tree can be embedded in DjVu, to be displayed in a separate left-frame at runtime.

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