JRAPublish 1.5 Quick Guide for PDF Output
by James Rile, PlanetDjVu, November 20, 2002

JRAPublish 1.5, the most advanced and comprehensive application for encoding and adding metadata to DjVu files ever developed, is also able to generate searchable-image PDF files.

PDF Output support was originally developed to provide a dual-format output capability for users who wished to create "mirrored" document collections in both DjVu and PDF formats, in a single batch-processing step.

Now JRAPublish 1.5 is being upgraded to become PDFPublish 2.0.  JRA Software believes that this project can compete well in the market of users who are looking only for a PDF solution.

To give you an idea of how simple and easy it is to convert PDF files in JRAPublish 1.5, we now link you to the Quick Guide for PDF Output, a 4-page instruction document in PDF format with screenshots that give you a glimpse of the advanced interface of this application, and its very solid PDF output capabilities.

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