JRAPublish 1.5 Upgrade Now Ready for Release
September 19, 2002
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JRA upgrades JRAPublish to Version 1.5, adds dual PDF output capability and DjVu page counting.

JRA Software - 09/19/2002

JRA has announced the completion of the JRAPublish 1.5 upgrade.  This upgrade adds the ability to generate searchable-image PDF files in addition to DjVu files, using the same high-quality ABBYY FineReader OCR engine.  Image-Only PDF files can also be produced.

By electing to output dual DjVu and PDF files, it is possible to then create dual search indexes in JRASearch - one for DjVu, and one for PDF (giving users a preference of which format to search upon).

Also implemented in this upgrade is a DjVu page-counting mechanism, as required by the LizardTech SDK license for JRAPublish, and the introduction of "Trial DjVu" pages.

Trial DjVu pages are pages that are obscured by a watermark, and you are therefore not charged for them.  Use Trial DjVu pages when you want to test new segementation settings, or to test compression results.

Refer to the Store and Product sections of PlanetDjVu for further details on the new page-pricing for DjVu file creation.

JRAPublish Version 1.5 is finished but not yet released.  It will be released as soon as licensing issues with LizardTech can be resolved.

For more information about JRAPublish 1.5, visit the Product Page.

Please check back often for announcements on the availablity of this product, or contact JRA directly at (610) 983-3682.

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