JRAPublish 2.0 is released
a release announcement by PlanetDjVu, February 10, 2004

JRA is pleased to announce the release of JRAPublish 2.0, after more than two years in development. JRAPublish is a dual searchable-image DjVu and PDF encoder, and is also a metadata batch processor, for adding an OCR layer and other metadata attributes to existing DjVu files.

JRAPublish is a GUI application for Windows. Insert the CD, and within minutes you can be up and running with your conversion jobs. All of the advanced controls that are available in the Document Express Enterprise product from LizardTech via command line arguments are available as settings in the GUI interface of JRAPublish.

JRAPublish features 3 "best of breed" processing engines under the hood. Foremost is the ABBYY FineReader OCR engine, which is used for both DjVu and PDF files. This OCR engine recognizes the text of document images with a high degree of accuracy, often more than twice as accurate as the OCR engine in the Acrobat Capture product, for example. This means that you can dismiss the expensive and time-consuming process of manual OCR cleanup.

In addition to the amazing compression results achieved by the LizardTech encoding engine for DjVu, JRAPublish also features JBIG2 compression for bitonal images in PDF files, with size results that come very close to DjVu in efficiency.

In a single batch-processing job, you are able to generate both DjVu and PDF files. This makes it possible to offer both formats in a dual-format hosting environment, giving the choice of file type to the end user.

Scalable Licensing
JRAPublish is available in 4 license editions, starting with the Personal Edition for only $695, so you only need to pay for the capacity and the options that you need. The JRAPublish application can also be affordably leased for large one-time conversion jobs. If you need additional capacity after your license purchase, you can easily upgrade to a higher edition, and receive credit for your initial purchase.

Next Generation Features
JRAPublish implements many features that are "next generation" for DjVu encoding, including fully-automatic page-level profiling. Each page is analysed for bit-depth and resolution, and then the best DjVu encoding profile is selected for the page. This means that you will automatically get the best results, even when working with a mixed collection of input file types, and without even touching the encoder settings!  On the other hand, if you are an advanced user, you can create your own custom encode profiles for demanding jobs or special processing requirements.

You will appreciate several advanced features that are unique to JRAPublish, such as the ability to "sepia-tone" bitonal documents (giving newspaper scans a yellowed background, for example), and the ability to automatically generate URL and e-mail hyperlinks.

If you are making large multipage documents (more than 1,000 pages), JRAPublish is architected for this task. In fact, JRAPublish has been successfuly used aready to generate a 9,000-page document. Most other applications, including Acrobat Capture and DjVu Workgroup, will run out of memory after about 1,000 pages. The best thing is, if you select the DjVu Indirect output type, this documents can actually be opened and used on the web!  This is impossible to do with PDF.

And if your documents are not in English, you are able to select any combination of 176 recognition languages!

Significant Rollout Clients
JRAPublish 2.0, although just released 10 days ago, is already installed and in use at the following client locations:

The United Nations Legal Affairs Department, New York City
The University of Georgia, Main Library, Athens, GA
Yale University, New Haven, CT
The Rutgers Law Library, Newark, NJ
OpenDoc, Milan, Italy

In the coming weeks we will be offering deailed case studies covering the use of JRAPublish at some of these client sites.

Global Availablity
We are prepared to ship JRAPublish practically anywhere in the world. We accept orders and payments on-line from 38 countries, in 4 currencies, in the PlanetDjVu Store.

Covering all the Bases
If you are not working in Windows, or prefer to create your own scripted code for DjVu encoding, we are authorized resllers of the DjVu Command Line Encoder, a.k.a. Document Express Enterprise, from LizardTech. What's more, we have the lowest published prices on the web for DjVu products from LizardTech, guaranteed!

Low-Cost Evaluation Edition is Available
After checking out the many sample documents in the Gallery of PlanetDjVu, all of which were produced with JRAPublish, you may be ready to try the software for yourself. Go ahead then and order an evaluation copy of JRAPublish. You will be suprised at both the power and the ease-of-use that are hallmark features of this application.

You Can Trust Software from JRA
JRA has been producing fine software products for 20 years. We have 10 years of experience working with the PDF file format, and 5 years of experience with DjVu. The development team of JRA includes authors of the original DjVu Reference Library, from AT&T labs. We apply rigorous quality controls to assure that your conversion jobs, no matter how large or complex, will run flawlessly.

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