LizardTech publishes partial price list for DjVu products
 a report by PlanetDjVu, May 11, 2003

LizardTech now has an online ordering page for Document Express Products and Cartridges, including prices. Not all Document Express Products are listed, however. Missing are Document Express Enterprise Edition and the PDF-to-DjVu Converter.

With the prices that ARE listed, however, we can update the pricing information that we published in February, in an article titled: LizardTech DjVu Products and Prices from GSA.

Here is a screenshot showing the published prices at the LizardTech website:

The price for Document Express Desktop Edition is listed as $249. Page charges do not apply in thiss edition or version of Document Express. Further explanation is provided by LizardTech on this page:

Since our report in February, prices have dropped for Document Express Professional Edition and for the 10,000, 5,000 and 2,500 page cartridges. Prices remain the same for page cartridges that are 25,000 pages and higher.

Where the entry price for Document Express Professional Edition before was $999 for 10,000 pages, it is now $349 for 2,500 pages.

With this published information from LizardTech, it is now possible to take another look at the per-page charges:

Page Quantity

These page charges apply whether the DjVu files produced are bitonal, photo or segmented.
These page charges do not apply to OCR.

By way of comparison, the page charges from Adobe Systems for Acrobat Capture Personal Edition apply ONLY to OCR, and not to the encoding of PDF files, for which there is no page charge, as illustrated:

Page Quantity

The price of Acrobat Capture Personal Edition is $420, and it ships with 20,000 pages.
The price of Acrobat Capture with unlimited OCR pages is $4,000.

From the above information, it is reasonable to generalize that DjVu creation from LizardTech is 5 to 10 times higher in cost than PDF from Adobe.

Page Cartridges from LizardTech are not required to make DjVu files - there are some other free options, which include DjVu Solo 3.1, the Any2DjVu Conversion Server, and the DjVuLibre binaries, which have recently been ported to Windows.

The price of DjVu encoding in the enterprise JRAPublish application has not been set, because we are unable to get licensing from LizardTech for either the DjVu Encode SDK or the DjVu Reference Library, both of which are compiled into the application, and the application is therefore not released for DjVu encoding.

For the other DjVu products from LizardTech for which prices are still not published, we don't know if prices have changed since our February report.

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