New CEO ahead for LizardTech, at last
A breaking news report by PlanetDjVu, April 1, 2003

John Grizz Deal
Bill Patterson
Scot Land
Next CEO

Update 5-7-2003: The Management page at LizardTech has now been removed, so we don't know who is in charge. Should we have titled this article "No CEO ahead for LizardTech?" As an aside, we learned, sadly, that Luc Vincent, who was the Director of Applied Research at LizardTech, was let go. We wonder now if anyone is left at LizardTech who knows the DjVu code base...

Update 4-5-03: were it not for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer report, we would not know that Scot Land has taken the helm as interim CEO. Now, three weeks after his departure, the LizardTech website still lists Bill Patterson as CEO. Reminds us of another phantom President in the news these days...

Update 4-11-03: While the above Management page is still there, it is now detached from the rest of the LizardTech website. Rule of Thumb - when you run out of managers, just jettison the management page!

April 1, 2003

The SpatialNews Daily Newswire reported last Friday that Bill Patterson has left his post as CEO of LizardTech. SpatialNews reports that a key investor is now the Acting CEO for LizardTech. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has confirmed this today, reporting that Patterson is replaced on an interim basis by venture capitalist Scot Land, who is a managing partner at  Encompass Ventures.

SpatialNews reports of a planned refocus on GeoSpatial (MrSid), and that of course begs the question of what will happen with DjVu, particularly now that the staff of LizardTech is down to about 32 in number, lower than when the DjVu format was first acquired from AT&T Labs.

Still, we take this as potentially good news for the future of DjVu, which has been going downhill since Bill Patterson took the helm in August, 2001.

Bill Patterson was largely responsible, in our opinion, for implementing the "page cartridge" pricing model for DjVu, for overpricing DjVu software, for abandoning the retail market opportunities for DjVu and for restricting or preventing third-party licensing of the DjVu SDKs and libraries, all of which have contributed to the steady decline of the format in the past one and a half years.

Our hope now is that the new CEO will take a fresh look at DjVu marketing, and will again invite the participation of outside resellers, integrators and developers who were largely shut out during the tenure of Bill Patterson. We also hope that LizardTech will again recognize PlanetDjVu as a portal site for the DjVu user community!

It does concern us that today, more than a week after Bill Patterson's reported departure from LizardTech, he is still listed as CEO on the LizardTech website management page.

Stay tuned to PlanetDjVu!  We will report on new DjVu-related developments at LizardTech as we learn of them.


These anonymous comments were received:

"Patterson was forced out. The only common agreement is that now everyone knows he's a loser and that he personally accelerated the company's swirling voyage down the crapper. What is this "my contribution going forward" crap? Admit it, BP. You failed. You took what remained of a very cool company and tried to apply your IBMTHINK approach to a market of which you had neither knowledge nor respect."

"Yea. We lost 35 million with Grizz and only lost 10 mil or so with Patterson. Time to get ourselves another prez."

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