New DjVu Products from Image Reality in Japan

A report by PlanetDjVu, January 17, 2003

Image Reality in Japan is a strategic partner of LizardTech, offering both DjVu products from LizardTech and DjVu products developed in-house with the Japanese market in mind.

You can visit the Image Reality website at: Be forewarned that this is site is in Japanese - an English translation is not available.

Unlike LizardTech, Image Reality publishes the upgrade paths for DjVu products and the prices for these products, which can be viewed at:

The upgrade for DjVu Solo 3.1 is Document Express Professional Edition, which is available for 50,000 Yen, or about $428, and this license allows you to produce 10,000 DjVu pages.

Image Reality earlier produced three applications called DjVu IR Enterprise 1.0, DjVu IR Enterprise Basic 1.0, and DjVu IR Watch Folder 1.1, and these are now combined in two products called IR Enterprise Server Edition 2.0 and IR Enterprise 2.0.

IR Enterprise 2.0 is a command-line application like LizardTech's Document Express Enterprise Edition. A license is available for 90,000 Yen, or about $763, and this license allows you to produce 1,000 DjVu pages.

IR Enterprise Server Edition 2.0 adds the watched folder capabilities of the earlier DjVu IR Watch Folder 1.1 product to the IR Enterprise 2.0 features. A license is available for 150,000 Yen, or about $1,271, and this license allows you to produce 1,000 DjVu pages.


Image Reality has released a product called IR-OCX. This is a Windows OCX control that condenses all the DjVu encoding functions into a control that can be integrated into an existing image processing workflow. It can be combined with a third-party OCR engine.

IR-OCX Components

IR-OCX has two components called DjVu Converter and DjVu Metadata Editor.

DjVu Converter is the ActiveX component which performs DjVu file encoding.

DjVu Metadata Editor is the ActiveX component which will extract the OCRed full-text of a document and make it available for text cleanup.  The corrected text then can be written back to the DjVu file.

IR-OCX is available only in Japan, we believe, and there is no mention that we can see of page count restrictions. Prices appear not to be published.

Concluding Remarks
Page Cartridge Pricing (for additional DjVu pages) appears not to be published.  This information is taken directly from the Image Reality website, and partly from Japanese translation that we performed. We therefore apologise if any of this information is innacurate. We asked Image Realty for information in support of this article, but they did not reply.

The OCX control and the text cleanup editor are great features for DjVu. We only wish such tools were available outside of Japan. Perhaps someday they will.

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