Overview of JBIG2
 a presentation by PlanetDjVu, June 10, 2003

Xerox Parc presented this paper on JBIG2 a couple of years ago, and it remains an excellent reference to the JBIG2 compression method.

This paper is presented in 3 formats, PDF, DjVu, and TIFF-FX, and all three use JBIG2 compression! (DjVu actually uses the close cousin, JB2).

Overview of JBIG2 - PDF format  (44.1 Kb - requires Acrobat 5 or above for viewing)

Overview of JBIG2 - DjVu format  (15.3 Kb - requires DjVu viewer)

Overview of JBIG2 - TIFF-FX format  (69.5 Kb - requires SILX viewer)

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