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Document Express Page Cartridges
Document Express Page Cartridges are purchased for use in the Document Express application lineup for DjVu from LizardTech..

All of LizardTech's Document Express encoding products, apart from Document Express Desktop Edition (the former DjVu Solo), require the purchase of Page Cartridges from LizardTech or from Authorized Resellers of LizardTech products, such as the PlanetDjVu Store..

All DjVu applications that require the use of page cartridges ship with LizardTech's
Express Cartridge Manager.

Some DjVu applications from LizardTech are bundled with a specified number of pages when the applications are initially purchased, as follows:

Document Express Professional Edition
10,000 pages
Document Express Enterprise Edition
100,000 pages

Page Cartridges are purchased in order to encode DjVu files of any type (Bitonal, Photo Segmented).  When you run low on pages, simply order more!

How it works:
When LizardTech's Express Cartridge Manager is installed with your Document Express application, it creates an application folder called Express Cartridge Manager within the LizardTech folder.

Inside this folder are four icons (options):

  Cartridge Manager Info
  Express Cartridge Manager ID
  Order Additional Cartridges

Cartridge Manager Info
The Cartridge Manager Info displays the current DjVu page count.

Express Cartridge Manager ID

The Express Cartidge Manager ID is displayed. Copy this ID and send it to LizardTech or your authorized LizardTech product reseller when purchasing additional Page Cartridges.  The Express Cartridge System ID is a code which uniquely identifies an installation of the LizardTech Express Cartridge System.

Order Additional Cartridges
This link opens up a web page for ordering Page Cartridges directly from LizardTech. Use this only if you purchased you Document Express product directly from LizardTech. Otherwise, go the the resellers ordering page as directed.

Displays the help information for the Express Cartridge Manager.

Managing your Page Count

Your Express Cartridge Manager stores the page count in a small database on your hard drive.  Your page count is therefore licensed to the PC on which the Express Cartridge Manager is installed.

If your hard drive crashes or your operating system becomes corrupted, you may lose access to your page count.  It is therefore recommended that you periodically back up your Express Cartridge Manager database.  You can do this from a command line window.

If you lose access to your page count, then e-mail the backup copy of your database to LizardTech and await further instructions.

If you wish to transfer your page count from one PC to another, then e-mail a backup copy of your database to LizardTech along with your transfer request and await further instructions.

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