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Document Express PDF-to-DjVu Conversion
Document Express PDF-to-DjVu Conversion (new)

Converts PDF and EPS files to DjVu format.  Requires Document Express Enterprise Edition.  Windows 95/98/2000/NT.

The PDF-to-DjVu Module is an application that accepts PDF or PS files as input, and produces DjVu files from them using digital segmentation methods.

Although the PDF-to-DjVu Conversion runs independently of Document Express Enterprise Edition, you must nevertheless purchase the Document Express Enterprise Edition as a pre-condition before you can purchase the PDF-to-DjVu Module.  It may have been rewritten as a command-line tool by LizardTech.  We have not received any answers to our questions about this from LizardTech.

A beta version of the PDF-to-DjVu Conversion is at work behind the scenes at the Any2DjVu online conversion server.  You can try out PDF to DjVu conversion there.

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