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Document Express Professional Edition 3.5
Document Express Professional Edition   
(formerly DjVu Solo 3.1, formerly DjVu Shop)

A personal productivity and small business tool with the power to quickly convert any scanned paper document into an incredibly small DjVu file and add an OCR layer, hyperlinks or highlights, headers and footers. Provides single page DjVu conversion. Combine DjVu documents.  Multipage processing capability.

Document Express Professional Edition is the successor to the DjVu Shop application offered by AT&T Labs, which then became DjVu Solo 3.1 Commercial and Non-Commercial Editions.

Until June, 2002, DjVu Solo 3.1 Commercial Edition was available for sale at LizardTech and at PlanetDjVu, and the DjVu Solo 3.1 Non-Commercial Edition was available for free download from LizardTech.  In June, both DjVu Solo 3.1 versions were withdrawn from the LizardTech site, and the PlanetDjVu reseller agreement was voided.

We are waiting at PlanetDjVu for a new reseller agreement from LizardTech, and for a chance to see the new upgraded and renamed Document Express Desktop Professional application.

Since we have no further information about this application yet, we invite you to take a look at the DjVu Solo 3.1 Help File, for a more detailed look at the application features as they existed two years ago when DjVu Solo 3.1 was first introduced.

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