Update your DjVu Plug-in Links Again!
A report by James Rile, PlanetDjVu, June 22, 2002

For the second time this year, LizardTech has retooled its website and the address for the download to the DjVu Web Browser plug-in has again changed.  The new address is: http://www.lizardtech.com/download/?x=2&p=1&o=1

If you have a link to the DjVu Plug-in on your website, it is time to update it!

Along with the new website design, LizardTech has announced their new Document Express products for DjVu.  Pricing and availability are not announced.  There is no explanation of what happened to DjVu Solo, DjVu Editor, DjVu Workgroup, DjVu Enterprise and the DjVu Encode SDK.  However, we understand that these products are the foundation of the new Document Express product lineup.  There is no announcement of a new Document Express SDK, so we assume that the DjVu Encode SDK has been dropped as a product.

There is no longer a link to download a free, non-commercial copy of DjVu Solo. If you are new to DjVu and wish to try it out, your best bet is to go to the Any2DjVu server (the link is on the home page of PlanetDjVu).  You will not be able set document attributes or create hyperlinks however.  These features are not available from the Any2DjVu server.  They were only available for tryout in the DjVu Solo product.

There is no longer a line to download the fee ActiveX control that lets you embed DjVu pages in MS Office applications under Windows.
We will report any additional news about the new LizardTech product lineup as it becomes available to us.  Meanwhile, you can direct your DjVu product inquiries directly to LizardTech at www.lizardtech.com.

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