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  Wentworth Courier a world first for online newspapers
The Wentworth Courier website is the first newspaper website in Australia to utilise a unique system of rendering the actual pages of the printed product online. The publishing system, developed by Sydney-based RealView Technologies, in close consultation with FPC Courier, goes far beyond merely replicating the pages of the paper online in PDF or JPEG format, by utilising the features of a special web browser plug-in called 'DjVu.'

The free DjVu browser plug-in adds powerful interactive tools to standard web browsers which allows for page viewing, zooming and panning in real time whilst retaining sensational image quality and fast download times. This is a key component of the complete online publishing system developed by RealView.

The introduction of the new system benefits everyone involved with the Wentworth Courier.

"The benefits to our readers are obvious. The online experience is as familiar and easy to use as the paper itself, with the online advantages of accessibility, searchability and free access to five months worth of back issues," says Lesley Wild, Group Publisher of FPC Courier.

"Our advertisers enjoy the fact that they know their creative appears online exactly as it does in print, ensuring a quality and consistent brand experience. There's also the added advantage of automatic linking of email and web addresses that can be clicked on direct from the page view itself. For our advertisers this means leveraging the creative made for print into an online medium at no extra cost."

There are advantages for FPC Courier too.

"We have extended our reach to a worldwide audience - far beyond the limitations of our traditional distribution area. Whether an online reader is one suburb away or half a world away, the experience of the Wentworth Courier is now one of consistent and unrivalled quality," enthuses Lesley.
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